I teach and practice different styles of yoga. I did my training in Hatha/Vinyasa flow and subsequently studied Yoga Alignment more in depth.  My personal practice used to be Ashtanga Mysore and I’ve been studying with great teachers for the past 4 years. To balance the intensity of this style, I incorporated Yin Yoga to my practice and saw great benefits. Currently, I have been exploring seemingly opposing ways of practicing: functional movement exploration, influenced by martial arts and dance, which suits the Vinyasa style really well, and deep stillness in breath work and meditation. I believe both have their places in my daily routine and benefit each other, bringing a needed balance to my practice and teachings.

The most important aspect for me is the connection between breath and movement (essentially one of the translations of the Sanskrit word “Vinyasa”) and the awareness of the effects of the practice in the body, mind and emotions. This is taught from the beginning, as the benefits of the Yoga practice will come fully by the integration of movement (Asana), breath (Pranayama) and concentration/mindfulness (Pratyahara/Dhyana).

Yoga is in essence a very inclusive practice and is for everyone, regardless of gender, weight, age or background. My approach is that it is a practice to be enjoyed, understood and followed with commitment yet lightheartedness. It is a beacon of light to help us navigate our daily challenges towards a healthier, more balanced life, physically, mentally and emotionally, until eventually we unveil our true nature, that is infinite awareness, whole and complete. Each person will take what they need from the practice. In my classes, nothing is imposed as absolute truth. Instead, each individual is encouraged to reflect and see for themselves how the teachings will impact (or not) in their own truth and take what they need.