Ellie, Germany

I was always looking forward to Karens classes, because I knew they would be great. They were challenging and always of a high and steady quality. She always put a focus onto something different, so it never got boring. I learned a lot about alignment, an area were she has a lot of knowledge. Karen is dedicated, reliable, calm and a very agreeable character to be around.

Paula, Finland

Karen is sharing her yoga knowledge with great integration and devotion. I absolutely love her well-balanced classes and her infectious down-to-earth attitude and authenticity as well as her attentive and honest character. She has a lot of detailed knowlegde in asana and anatomy and I have received many new tips to deepen my yoga experience.

Anne, Holland

Karen is a wonderful teacher! I learned so much from her, although I am a teacher myself. In her classes she challenges you, but encourages you even more. She explains the postures very well, which is really helpful. Her personality is extremely pleasant, which makes you even more comfortable. I am really looking forward to join her classes in the future. You just need to go once and you’ll go again