Alexandra, USA

Karen is a masterful yogi and an exceptional teacher. Love her style and energy!

Brandie, USA

Karen is intelligent, thoughtful, grounded and sincere as a person and as a teacher. She is patient and kind, dedicated to her practice and all of her students. She lifts students up to help them progress in their practice while maintaining focus on keeping students safe and engaged in the inner work of their yoga practice as well as the asanas. Karen was the lead teacher on my YTT and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. She holds space like a champ and is just really fun to be around. She made sure we all had a solid foundation with which to enter the world as teachers and also allowed us all to go on our own emotional journies while we deepened our own practices. Her individual classes were always fun and engaging; she’s great at knowing when to ramp up the challenge and when to pull back to focus on finding ease. I genuinely love, adore and respect Karen. If you have a chance to practice with her, do it!

Lena, Germany

I did my first TTC in Thailand last year and my beloved teacher Karen came into my life and showed me a new world full of curiosity and ease. She has led our Teacher Training and went with us through all the challenging and wonderful experiences during this time. Even at a day of exhaustion, Karen made all of our hearts bouncing with her smile and gave us new motivation. Her classes are focused, powerful and fun and she has a huge knowledge about yoga and the healthy alignment of different yoga poses. Karen is pure inspiration and it was amazing to be her student!

Katerina, Czech Republic

I can’t even say how grateful I’m for having Karen as a yoga teacher. She is very supported, kind and grounded. She loves to share all her knowledge with passion and love. She knows hell a lot about yoga and is always well prepared and her classes have a great structure.
I love this wild beauty so much. I highly recommend to everyone.

Julia, Germany

Loving and kind yoga teacher. Beautiful soul and inspiring person. So grateful to have been able to be in her classes during my teacher training. I highly recommend to meet her and practice together

Regina, USA

Karen is very near and dear to my heart as she was my main teacher during my YTTC. Karen conducts her classes from the heart and has an immense amount of patience with her students. She really takes the time to make sure you understand concepts. She also really cares for every. single. student and takes the time to get to know you on a personal level. She is knowledgeable, experienced, graceful and anyone would be honoured to have her as their instructor.

Andrea, Canada

Karen has been one of my favourite yoga teachers ever since her first class after her teacher training back in 2015. Since then she has come to volunteer at my wellness centre in Malaysia and again this year as our head yoga teacher. I’ve seen her progress as a teacher but she has never lost her humility even though her skills and knowledge exponentially goes up. She is an amazing teacher and I hope to have the privilege of working with her or joining her classes again someday in the future. Karen, you’re the best!

Lucie, Czech Republic

I cannot skip any class with Karen 😀 Classes are simply amazing! Especially I love integrity “yoga and life”. From every class I have also new asana goal which I can work on. After class I simply feel super great. In all the aspects. Karen, you are my big inspiration! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! 🙂

Don, USA

I guess I’m a latecomer to Yoga, 63 years young and turning to Yoga to enhance my health, improve my balance, flexibility and mental health. Karen was one of my first Yoga teachers and she quickly won me over first with her ability to lead by example in her teachings and then with her innate ability help improve my Yoga mentally, physically and spiritually. I immediately signed up when I leaned that she was teaching an anatomy and alignment workshop which helped to improve my Yoga experience dramatically. I highly recommend her and look forward to studying in her classes again.

Dalene, South Africa

Last year at nearly 50 years of age I had my first ever yoga lesson with Karen. With her soft and calm manner she started me off on such an awesome journey in yoga. She has excellent knowledge and corrects your posture and poses in such a friendly and nice manner. If ever I get the chance to go back to Thailand the first thing I would do is attend a class with her as teacher! She is just amazing!