Art of Alignment and Adjustments

A workshop for teachers

It can be quite challenging for new teachers to develop the confidence to venture out of their mats whilst teaching and start adjusting/assisting students on their asanas, for many reasons: lack of anatomical knowledge, not enough practice during Teacher Training, fear of causing injury.

All these factors will be covered in this workshop, that has been created to give newly qualified teachers adequate knowledge on alignment principles, how to make safe, efficient and respectful adjustments, how to use props to maximise learning experience and how to relate and deal with different learning styles, cultural differences and the more subtle aspects of teaching.

In three hours we will cover:

-Alignment principles for teachers

-Adjustments & Learning styles + practice

-Use of props

-Safety and consent guidelines

“A good teacher is merely a catalyst that steps back more and more as the student becomes established in the practices and discourages the student to place any importance on the personage of the teacher. The teacher is only there to aid the student in reclaiming the practice as their own”. ~ Gregor Maehle