Alignment Workshop

The word “alignment” in yoga may sound intimidating to some and boring to others. It doesn’t have to be either. Through unique activities and exercises, we  will repeatedly expose postural imbalances and asana misalignments, and teach you how to identify and correct them in yourself and others.

Asana (or posture) is the physical foundation of the system of Yoga. Through specific movements and shapes coordinated with the breath, the body begins the transformation that leads to an overall healthier life, physically, mentally and emotionally. However, when asanas are not performed correctly, they may lead to injury, pain, imbalances and blockages in the physical and energetic body over time.

This 2-days workshop is designed to teach you how to apply alignment principles to your asana practice to make it stronger, safer and more effective. Through interactive assessments, exercises and group practice, individual misalignments will be identified, understood and corrected. You will develop a new awareness of your body and how you move. You will also be able to spot misalignments in others and offer adjustments, which is an essential skill to have if you are a yoga teacher.

In this workshop you will:

  • Enjoy personalised attention with individual assessments
  • See inside with Blind-folded Yoga
  • Connect and expand with Partner Adjustments
  • Unveil your movement patterns with Video
  • Progress faster with principles of deep learning

Take this unique opportunity to learn more about and connect with your body, delve deep into movement and enhance your yoga practice, with the support and guidance of  a experienced yoga teacher.


Read what some previous attendees had to say about this workshop:

“This personalised alignment course taught me to recognise good and bad execution of asanas in myself and others. I think that is useful knowledge for any level of practice. A must to prevent injuries and to enjoy all the benefits of yoga. Hardly ever do we get to be explained in detail in a normal class… I strongly recommend”. (Elza, Canada)

“This was a great workshop which will take my practice to a whole new level. I learnt to engage parts of my body that I didn’t even know existed! I got a better knowledge on how to align in basic postures and why to do so. A lot of light is shed on personal flaws and how to work on them. Thanks a bunch!”.  (Ellie, Germany)

‘I can highly recommend this workshop for all people interested in Yoga. Your next practice after this workshop will be so different! For me, as a beginner level teacher, it made me more confident in teaching, adjusting and recognising in others how to improve their posture. Grateful that I was able to take this workshop!” (Anne, Holland)

“This workshop was fun and very instructive. I love the way they make you understand your own body while performing asanas. I very much recommend anyone with an interest in alignment or just wanting to understand their own bodies to do this workshop”. (Jose, Spain)

“Just finished the Alignment workshop and it was the best! In only three days my practice has really improved and I now have some great things to work on. Thank you so much!” (Sarah, France)

“Amazing, mind blowing, life changing experience! I learnt so much about myself, my body, how to correct others as a teacher, had so much fun, such beautiful energy! Not a minute wasted. Loved it! Highly recommended”. (Fernando, Brazil)